27 Jan 2013

Sensory Pleasures in Winter

The caresses of 32°C water, when swimming in the hot spring's pool

The smell of a huge bunch of large white lilies

The sound of show crunching under my hiking boots

The taste of ruby red Port wine, slowly enjoyed before dinner

The quiet elegance of a young deer, watching us from a safe distance

... and the warm feeling of gratitude that I can enjoy all these miracles - and share them with you

Yes, I see you too

18 Jan 2013

Opening my Eyes,Opening my Mind

Finally winter has taken over the city. Roofs and gardens are covered with snow, and at least in the park I pass in the morning the whole ground is white.
It's like all the WHITE opens my eyes wide up and lightens up my whole being - in both senses.
The glittering snow fills my mind and my mind just relaxes and naturally drops all thoughts. Pure brightness, pure space.
I'm all white and glittering within.
I open up, and I shine.

The White

12 Jan 2013

Slowing Down

For as long as I remember, I've held a quick pace. Since a couple of years I realize that instead of making me "efficient" it prevents me from really living.
So I'm working on slowing down.  The best way to do that is to stop focusing on my mind, and turn my full attention to the body. When I sense the aliveness of my feet and legs, my torso and arms, my head and face just by itself a little smile appears... :-)
Then I'm fully present. And then I've slowed down enough to be here for what I am doing in this specific moment and who I am with right now.
When I slow down I live more fully, and I am there for all the little miracles of my world.
One of the miracles - a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day

6 Jan 2013

The Key to Happiness

A Zen master was asked "What is the key to happiness?" His answer was one single word: attention. I have found out that he was right.
When I pay attention to all the little details of my life, I see how I'm surrounded by miracles all the time. It makes me deeply happy to enjoy the smiling face of a baby on the tram, the moonlight through bare branches, the soft purring of a cat. I just have to pay attention.
And when I pay full attention to other beings, there is love. Because attention is not only the key to happiness, it is also the key to love.

Paying attention to the glittering snow