29 Feb 2012

The Miracle of Bread

The first time I baked bread was at school back in Sweden, "grahamsbullar" (wholemeal rolls). Baking was love at first sight, because it is almost as if the dough has a life of its own. You work it, and see it change and get the right texture. You let it rise - what a wonder of nature! You put the bread in the oven, see it rise even more and get that wonderful light brown bread color. And then, there's the smell ... absolutely irresistible!
Meanwhile I have specialized in sour dough bread, and that is even more amazing. The starter, made only of rye flour and water,  lives in your fridge, almost as a pet! When used, it has the force to rise big loaves of bread. It really is a miracle of creation.

28 Feb 2012

Spread it Out

It might sound like a cliché, but I care for all people and want to spread happiness to them. I don't just mean family, friends and aquaintances, but everybody: the grumpy man on the street, the arrogant lady in her fur jacket, the cool and threatening looking young man. They all need more care and happiness.
I smile to strangers when our ways cross, leave my seat in the bus, and open doors for them. And now I've started to anonymously spread nice little surprises: leaving books with a greeting on trains, park benches or airports, putting tiny notes with a smile message in shop shelves or other "hidden" places, dropping funny cards in unknown postboxes.
Do you have any other idea on how to make the world a more smiling place...? :-)

27 Feb 2012


Slip into a disguise, put on a face-covering mask, and celebrate with people you don't recognize.  Carnival should be held more often!
Or better: every now and then, we should take of our own mask, get into the role of someone (or something!) else, and try to see the world through their eyes. Carnival is not about doing forbidden things incognito, but experiencing life from a different angle, broadening your views and your understanding of the Other.

Thanks, Theres, for the hint ;o)

26 Feb 2012

Far Away, but Close

Some of the people you care for live far away.  They may fall ill, suffer from an incident or suddenly be in a difficult situation. And for various reasons you cannot join them.
Don't despair, you can still communicate. You can meditate for them, send them strong, loving thoughts, or take a nice walk together. Like I did yesterday.
Just when I set off for my winter hike in the mountains I learned that my best friends father was very ill. After a while, he joined me on my hike. We walked in silence for some time, and then had a nice, deep conversation. By the time he waved goodbye and took off for another direction I had accepted that he is leaving. I had said farewell to him.
This morning my friend called: her father had passed away yesterday afternoon.

25 Feb 2012

Creating Space II

Creating space in your home (or office) is essential in order to have space in your mind. How can you breathe freely in a crammed house?
Clean out all the clothes you have not used for a year, get rid of unnecessary decoration objects, books you don't want to re-read, and empty glass jars or other "might come in handy" stuff.  Enjoy getting some empty shelves, some room in your closets, drawers and wardrobes. Let in fresh air!
And then the challenge is NOT to fill up the space again.

24 Feb 2012

Creating Space I

In order to make space for something new, you have to clean out something old. This is valid both for the inside and the outside.
For the inner process it is necessary to slow down, still the mind, and quiet the inner chatter. Then imagine a whiff of fresh air entering your head and cleaning out the stale, grey mist of old thoughts and ideas. Let them go!
Enjoy the transparent openness.
Then let a feeling of deep happiness in. And you might be surprised at what enters this refreshed mind.

23 Feb 2012

What is Possible

When thinking about trying out new ways, daring something different, or letting loose my creativity, my Over-Me has always been very sceptic. "That is not possible" or "You are not able to do that" have almost immediately sounded in my mind - and I have given in. Strangely enough this has become really obvious to me only now (thanks to two great coaches).
So better late than never I am determined to open up to (almost) any "crazy idea" I might get, or any new way to explore my creativity. Why let myself be constricted by a negative Over-Me? Why giving up before even thinking something through all the way? Why not trying any creative channel that opens up?
For absolutely no reason at all.
Spring is almost here! :-)

22 Feb 2012


Christianity is part of my culture, but it is not part of my belief system. Nevertheless, I am the godmother of two lovely boys, sons of dear Sisters.
For me being a godmother means showing Big and Little Godson extra care and appreciation, and trying to build a relationship even if we are far apart. For me, one fundamental task of the godparent is to influence spiritual growth, and what I only do through good intentions now, I hope to - some day - be able to do more directly:  in discussions, passing on great books or just through positive examples from life. And by the way: Happy Birthday, Little Godson, 2 years today!

21 Feb 2012

Candles in the Morning

Human beings need light in order to thrive. That must be why melancholy and depressions are fairly common among people in in countries with long, dark winters. Of course we mainly need light from the sun, but what a difference it makes when a dark room is enlightened by candles! I immediately relax and feel at home..
At breakfast, when it's still pitch dark outside, I surround myself with candles. That way my day starts off in a cosy and caring way, and for the rest of the day I carry along a warm feeling of being at home with myself, wherever I am.

20 Feb 2012

Colors in Life

I have left Black. There used to be a time when I almost exclusively wore black. Of course, it was à la mode and very versatile: everything goes with black! But to a certain extent it was also a sign of mourning. One life chapter had been closed, and if you can't cry, you can at least wear black.
In my adult life I've also had a Red period, and a Green one (yes, for Love and for Nature), but these days I've found a good balance in all ways, and as for color accents I'm mainly into softer tones. Off white, powder pink, sea turquoise.. A sign of tenderness and care, towards myself and towards others.

18 Feb 2012

Hiking for Happiness

How wonderful it is to do what makes you *shine with happiness*, to forget time and space, and just enjoy being alive!
Hiking makes me that happy, and I feel an urge to share that happiness. So I am hiking for more happiness in the world! Every in-breath fills me with pure joy, and with the out-breaths I spread that energy around: through my foot-soles into mother earth, so badly in need of our care, and through the vibrating happiness in my whole being I spread it to all living organisms.
How wonderful it is to be able to move a healthy body, to fill your lungs with fresh air - and deeply enjoy it!

17 Feb 2012

Mission Statement

Mission statement rediscovered! Even if I don't have any idea on how to fully live it, at least I have my guiding star, and it is: "I want to spread happiness around".
Actually I have had this mission statement in the back of my head for a long time. I remember when I clearly realized it for the first time, twelve years ago, biking to work in Denmark... It is so simple, but felt like a revelation! Since then I am living it in my private sphere, among family, friends and colleagues, and that already brightens up my life. However, I dream of dedicating my whole life to Spreading Happiness. The question is only: how? Dear Universe, send me some inspiration, please!

16 Feb 2012


Ask for guidance, and you will get it.  But it often comes in unexpected ways. You have to be very open and receptive. Perhaps you should even consider everything that enters your personal space a sign...
By doing that, you activate your senses and your imagination, you broaden your view: there are infinitely more possibilities than you think, and you might be very surprised!
Be patient. Ask for guidance, and empty your mind of preconceived solutions.
(And why not re-read Coelho's The Alchemist?)

15 Feb 2012

Day of Love & Care

On Valentine's Day we are spreading love all around. I send little messages full of appreciation to family and friends, I share some extra smiles with strangers passing my way. And, of course, I am giving myself some special attention: a small Japanese tea cup with soft pink camellias  on the dinner table, a refined saffron soup, candles everywhere and after the shower a long, soft massage for my feet.
Of course I do these things more often than once a year, but really: shouldn't more days be days of extra love and care?
Why not proclaim the 14th of every month a Day of Love & Care? Or every Monday, a day that often has the heavy taste of unloved duties? Yes, I hereby appoint Mondays as special days!
The motto is: "Monday, caring Monday"

13 Feb 2012

Free the Thoughts

My head is buzzing with thoughts. They disrupt my sleep and leave me restless during the day. I know they do not serve any real purpose; I don't solve anything by constant thinking.  Things take their course for other reasons. The buzz just makes me tense and blurs my focus.
Again, breathing helps. Deep in-breaths, and I shove together the buzzing thoughts, long out-breaths and I set them free. They fly out of my head like soap bubbles, leaving a fresh, light space behind. The more often I do this, the bigger the space, the lighter the life.

12 Feb 2012

Real Meetings

It can happen anywhere. In a taxi, waiting in line at the post office, on a bench outside the public library or, as in this case, in the elegant chocolate shop.
You don't just make a comment, ask about or buy something, but a conversation develops, and an almost palpable contact with the other person. When you leave, it's with a real smile, a smile from within. The warm, truly human quality of the encounter stays as the shadow of this smile in the eyes of a stranger, who does not feel like a stranger anymore. Somehow you really reached each other.
Direct connection between people, made of genuine interest and care, is what keeps us together and our world turning - despite everything.

11 Feb 2012

Mother and Daughter(s)

You once were a part of me, and even though the umbilical cord was cut more than twenty years ago, it somehow still feels that way. I am also a part of you - through characteristics, likes and dislikes that where passed on to you from me.
We will always have a special connection, even when one day we're not in the same dimension anymore.
The feeling we share is like a soft and warming blanket of kindness, concern and unlimited love.
My daughter(s), you are the sun(s) of my life, the oxygene I breathe and the source of infinite tenderness in my heart.

8 Feb 2012

Never Lonely

Living alone in a foreign city, far away from family and old friends, might sound sad. Many hours, many days spent in my own company. Well, I may be alone quite often, but I'm never lonely: over the years I've really come to appreciate my own company.
Sctually, I have become my own best friend. On grey days, when sadness lurks around the corner, I can lift myself up, raise my spirits with a kind word, gently embracing myself or preparing an extra nice cup of tea for the frozen soul.
And when there's joy, I am the first to fully share it with me!

6 Feb 2012

Don't Give In

Heavy head days
Restless heart
Dumb ears
Don’t give in
to heaviness

Sleepy and sad 
A little slow
Tired face
Don’t give in
to sadness

Straighten your back
Open your eyes
Bring out 
the smile
And continue...

5 Feb 2012


It is be difficult to get rid of the garbage in our lives; bad habits, relationships that ended with pain. A ritual can be helpful, to transfer the garbage into... a rose?
The ritual does not have to be long or complicated to have this symbolic value. Do it wholeheartedly, and feel the strength of your intention. At the end you feel cleansed - and your symbol will support you when you need it.
A powder pink rose now reminds me of saying good-bye to the Old, with a smile, and fully letting it go.

4 Feb 2012

Light Therapy

Left the city, arrived in a winter fairy tale. So much light! Endless light blue sky, and white everywhere... Curtains were drawn aside, and the eyes wanted to open more and more to take it all in. Pure light therapy:  leaving all grey matters behind, spreading shining energy into every cell. I stilled the inner chatter, let myself be filled with light, and just.... stood there, smiling.
Nothing more is needed, than to be        Pablo Neruda

3 Feb 2012


There are Signs. Some obvious, others more hidden; bodily signs, certain encounters, apparently stumbling over books or internet links. They seem to say: a change of path is due.  But - into what direction?
The process seems to work in two steps:
1. I become aware of the need for change, can't close my eyes anymore. That makes me open for  something new.
2. I finally understand how to proceed, in what direction I should go.
I've been in phase 1. for some time, trying to be very open, patiently (or cowardly?) awaiting signs for Where?
If I knew how to push the Sign Givers, I would definitely do it!

2 Feb 2012

Wonders in Winterland

Still snowing, and a feather light white blanket covers the dark ground. Amazing how snow miraculously turnes the grey surrounding into a *Wonderland*. I just love snow! It opens something up in me, through it’s white light and beauty, and it also awakens the child within me...
So I take little Sabina by the hand and we continue walking (she’s skipping, of course!) through the park. We marvel at the glittering ground, as if dressed up for a New Year’s party, at the icing on every branch and leaf, and we giggle at the exhilarating feeling of snow flakes melting in our faces. She throws some snow at me, laughing at the traces it leaves on my coat. Indeed, snow makes us both very happy!

1 Feb 2012

Just Do It

The Big Trip brought some issues up to the light again. Other possibilities became clear, and I was pushed to review what I am doing with and in my life. One thing became obvious: the lack of creative expression. Looking deeply into WHAT and HOW had me starting up this blog, but another craving still needs to be satisfied: the wish to form shapes, to play with colours and light. Photography is not enough, I want to interact more with my fantasy. Drawing or painting has been calling me for a long time, and I can't turn a deaf ear to it anymore.
It's not a new "calling". Having been a devoted drawer as a child, I completely dropped it when growing up, but since many years I have amassed quite a collection of pens, pencils, paper, brushes, and for Christmas '11 I got a beautiful set of water colours from my Darlings. I just never really got started. Something was holding me back.
The fact is I'm scared. It's as simple as that. I'm still stuck in comparing myself with others and in the wish for Perfection, being completely result focused and completely ignoring the joy of the process. Forgetting how freeing it is to play, to experiment, and just let yourself be amazed at what comes out via your hand(s)!
Today I made an Important Resolution: "Skip the stupid excuses, let go of the holding back, and just get started! Who cares what comes out of it, the material is wasted anyway if it's just lying around! If you don't try, make errors, and learn, you'll never create anything. Just get going. Just DO it!"