31 Jan 2012

Happy Walking

Outside temperature is around the freezing point and we have heavy snowfall. Following a very good advice I just changed from bus to train going to work, meaning much longer walks to and from the train station.
A brisk walk and some fresh air always boost my energy. But it is chilly... Besides dressing up really warm, one of the secrets not to freeze in winter is to relax. Easier said than done in this weather, but my technique for Happy Walking works fine here, too.
Breathing in I straighten up, all the way from the toes to my neck, and I smile. Breathing out I let go of my shoulders, which often are too far up, and I relax.
Smiling and relaxing, who cares if it's hot or if it's cold...?

30 Jan 2012

The Happiness Project

Today I stumbled over the Happiness Project book and blog, really inspiring. On my way home from the train through the snow and wind I reflected over what makes me happy. The most immediate reason for my happiness is SMILING!
I have gotten into the habit of always smiling, and reminding myself about it if I forget. It makes all the difference! Even on a cold and wet day, even if your arm hurts or your work day was not one of the best you can still feel happy from deep within if you SMILE.
Just like that, for no specific reason. Just because you're happy to be alive and because it makes you warm inside. And just because you get even happier if someone actually smiles back :o)

29 Jan 2012

Passion in Life

Yesterday's smile - I picked it up again, looking at it and what it means: the longing for passion in my life. And of course I'm not (mainly) referring to the "romantic passion" - no, I'm talking about passion for the things take make up your life.
I cannot claim that there is any passion for the job I do. There does not seem to be real Passion for my private activities either.... or, is there? At the first glance it all seems very "lagom", as we say in Swedish: just enough. Not boring, but not passionate either. Kind of... nice.
So I sat down and reflected over what I actually do with an heartfelt interest - and where I could or should invest more of that.
I really am passionate about cooking (and eating..!), music and about books that hit a chord in me. Conclusion: it's not all that bad....
However, I want to bring in more passion! For example in keeping my home bright and cosy and welcoming (and welcoming more people to it). And I want to invest more of both time and passion into writing. The "Lagom Era" is over!

Music Lightens up Grey Days

Plus five degrees, drizzling rain, and parts of me had not left the summer sun in Chile yet... How would that smile from deep within come out? I decided to boost energy by a quick walk by the river. Warm shoes and coat, shawl, hat, gloves - the whole kit. Oh yes, and the iPod! And that was the answer. When the mighty music of "El tango de Roxanne" entered my head and Ewan McGregor sung his lungs out in full passion - then it came out, the smile from the Heart! Warmth and passion, just what I need. Just what we all need!

27 Jan 2012

Ode to Friendship

This evening there is a special light in my smile, and it is called Friendship. Thank you, B1, for your inspiration in this special Blog case!
The Friendship light is very strong and links me together with close persons in my life, just like family. I actually have many families! At least one in Sweden and several in Germany, one in Turkey, one in Chile and I am sure one will come in Colombia, too... ;o) You make me feel at home wherever I go, wherever I stay.
Friendship carries us when we need to be carried and comforts us in times of darkness. What would I have done in the heavy situations of my life without the support of YOU, my Friends?
So tonight the sparkle in my smile comes from the awareness of being among Friends here on earth. Both all of you that I already know, and the so many more of you that I don't know.... yet!