26 Apr 2013

Take a Leap

"It's not what you do in your life that matters, it's how you do it". That has been my adage for several years, and a way to cope with unfulfilling tasks: I've put my pride in doing them as efficiently as possible, with high quality and with a smile.
But in the end that just isn't enough. At a certain point life almost got a stale taste and it became clear that I had to make a choice. Either I stay in the comfort zone, not asking too much neither from myself nor from life... Or I take a leap, and with that leap I don't just risk cold feet, but I also prove that I believe in in the possibility to discover and explore new treasures. Outside and inside.  Reinventing my life, in a certain way.
Time has come to leap. The adventure can start.

12 Apr 2013

Planting Seeds

The growth force of nature is just amazing. Put a small seed into some soil, water it now and then and just leave it for a while. Suddenly something starts to sprout, something very small and green pokes its head out. It strikes me with awe every time!
Despite the long and cold winter on my kitchen table there are already 20 quite big (it's all relative!) tomato seedlings, a handful of tiny pea plants and I'm sure coriander, runner beans and poppies will soon peep out too.
Of course I have setbacks, many seeds just don't germinate, but that's quickly forgotten when the little tomato plants start spreading their unmistakeable scent.
Few other things fill me with such deep pleasure. I just love "gardening" (even without having a garden)! It makes me feel so much part of Mother Nature - of life itself.

I love you, little baby tomato plants!

4 Apr 2013


Bravery never was one of my main characteristics. I'm an overall cautious person, like when it comes to spending money or practicing sports. Downhill skiing? I don't want to kill myself!
Unfortunately this also goes for challenging my habits or taking decisions about minor as well as about major changes in life. "You know what you have, but never what you get"..
Well, I've come to understand that this is basically a lack of faith. Things will be fine! I won't break my neck in the ski slope or ruin myself by investing in long yearned for pearl earrings. As for life changes I just have to show trust. The outcome may be completely unknown, but eventually things will turn out all right. I will survive. Not only that: needed changes will turn things for the better. I just have to show some Faith.