27 Jul 2012

Night train to Lisbon

Wrong: that is a very nice book by Pascal Mercier. This night train heads up north, and leaves in only a few hours.
I'm  off for a ten day vacation, to enjoy family and friends, home country light and berries. The long train ride is the ideal starting point: plenty of time for relaxing, reading, eating my picnic, chatting with fellow travelers, and sleeping.  Just the thought of it puts me in a vacation mood!
Once arrived it will be an intense period of coming and going, eating here and sleeping there. I know that I will struggle with the lack of time for myself, but I also know the solution: being Here and Now.
Yes, it's a challenge, a seemingly eternal Work in Progress. Luckily, each time I go it's easier. And luckily, to start off I have sixteen hours on the night train to Copenhagen, all for myself.

25 Jul 2012

Walking on Earth

Finally I am fully incorporating walking meditation into my everyday life. My aim is to walk every single step mindfully! I know that is necessary if I want to live my life fully.
With the inbreath I feel Light  (leaving a light footprint on Mother Earth in every way), and with the outbreath I feel Calm and at Ease. A soft smile is born on my lips, and it spreads all around.
My main challenges are when I'm in a hurry and when I walk in company, but I know that can be done, too. It's just a question of perseverance, and creating new habits.
My footsoles touch the Earth. I am happy to be alive, and to be able to walk and breathe as a free person.

Thank you M, for all your inspiration!

24 Jul 2012

Ponytail Softness

Full summer, over 30°, so on my way through the city I've put up my hair in a ponytail. It's softly bouncing on my back; such a lovely, light and soft feeling!
But not for very long: time has been booked with a hair salon, to cut off 20 cm. Time for some summer hair freshness!
Perhaps that's why today I enjoy the soft hair against my skin so much: it will soon be over...

Another ponytail: Little sister C's

22 Jul 2012

Make Yourself Laugh

Too often, I'm too serious. It's a pity: life is short and there's already much to cry about.
My super coach H. suggested I'd sit down in front of a paper and just laugh out loud - "See what comes up, and be inspired!"
I did. It felt really awkward. But I got myself to laugh and yes, things did come up! Colors, surprises, movement; and lots of childish activities! I wrote them down in "funny ways" on the paper - for inspiration.
What a great practice! I'll continue to do it, be inspired, laugh more - and make others laugh too :-)

My funny V.

20 Jul 2012

Post visitatorum

The first visitor (the Happy Singer) came and went and the second bunch (the Darling Family) did the same. I had a wonderful time with them all, so inspiring and so much fun! We saw beautiful things, visited new places (for them, but also for me), cooked and shared nice meals, discussed, joked and laughed and just enjoyed being together.
After some good nights' sleep I'm back to normal in my own little world again - but, as always after a visit, it somehow has grown.  It is so beneficial to be pushed out of my normal routines, my little circles, and sometimes also out of my comfort zone...
A big Thank You to all of you who enter my world, show me things, and teach me something.
You're always very welcome back! :-)

Happy visitor in the mountains

2 Jul 2012

Blog Pause

Tomorrow visitor I arrives from the US, and stays a week. Next Tuesday it's time for Visitors II, staying another week.
So for a fortnight I put aside my own agenda, reduce meditation, yoga and writing to a minimum, and enjoy the company.
The secret to nice visitor time is to prepare a little, take things as they come, and include the guests in the daily chores ;-) See you in two weeks!