30 Aug 2012

Autumn Rain

Today it's been raining cats and dogs, and outdoor temperature has fallen with 10°C. For the first time in months, I was freezing on my (wet) way home. On 30th August, that can only mean one thing: autumn is here. Sigh....
Don't get me wrong: I love this season, being an Autumn Child. Not much beats the rich, full colors of a clear autumn day. I've started loving rain (thanks to Dominique Loreau: "Aimer la pluie, aimer la vie" :-) ), and I love to cuddle up at home on dark evenings with a pot of tea and a good book.
The only thing is I really dislike freezing... Well, the light summer clothes have to make space for socks and full-length trousers, warm sweaters and shawls again.
I just have to realize summer is over for now, set my mind to autumn and winter, keep myself nice and warm - and remember that summer will be back next year!

Soon we're there...

27 Aug 2012

The Glory of a Morning Glory

Earlier this summer I got two little black seeds from my neighbor. I planted them in the big pot with the residues of my big wisteria (which died last winter) and shortly after two little climbers emerged. Well, they grew like crazy and soon enough the wisteria trellis was full of big, fresh green fig tree like leaves. It looked wonderful - but where were the flowers...?
My neighbor told me to be patient, and I can only say: my patience was greatly rewarded. Now the trellis is overflowing with flowers! As the name indicates, the Morning Glory flowers early in the morning and it is a feast for the eye: an abundance of beautiful blue flowers, all turned towards the rising sun. Mine are blue, but they also come in purple and pink.
I want to recommend anybody who has a pot, some soil and something for it to climb on to plant Morning Glory seeds next spring. They need no special care - just sun and water - and every morning they will remind you of the miracles of Life and Growth with a sea of flowers :-)

Good morning Sun, good morning Life!

23 Aug 2012

Angst vor der eigenen Courage

This German saying expresses my current state of mind: You're scared by your own courage... I've never been comfortable being a teacher or leading a group, and now I've decided to initiate a Meditation & Mindfulness group at my workplace!
After having settled it all with our boss and the internal communicator I feel really nervous! How will it go? Will there be any colleagues interested or will just one or two show up? Are they going to be deadly bored or will it actually give them something?
Because I find meditation and mindfulness so important for a good balance in life, I'd like to spread ways of practicing them to others. Now I've decided to challenge myself and DO that. Never mind my personal fears of failing as an instructor! :-)
By preparing myself well I hope to catch my colleague's interest and spread practices that have helped me so much. Hopefully I'll be able to sow some seeds...

19 Aug 2012

Hiking Queen turned to Hiking Joker

Of all the hundreds of more or less great hikes I've done since I moved here, finally one went really wrong...
Unclear information in Internet and bad signing got me to walk, climb and creep (yes!) up a mountain on my way to a nice châlet, where I'd booked a room, only to discover that this first part of the hike was wrong and that I would never make it to "my" room before it turned night and dark. I had to face facts and cancel it.
What do you do, up on a mountain, exhausted after a really strenuous hike, with no place to sleep to be found? It was so beautiful up there that I considered spending the night outside, but since it started getting chilly already at 8 and I only had a light woolen sweater that was not an option.
I just had to hike to my starting point way down in the valley again. Even that distance was too long to make before nightfall, so I hitch-hiked and was lucky to have nice people taking me along.
From there I took the train northwards, an almost 4 hour long trip, bringing me home in the middle of the night. And I had so much looked forward to spending a night at 1.600 m, sleeping in deep silence, waking up in the mountain freshness...
Well, the positive thing about this hiking failure was that I could laugh about it already when it happened. What else can you do? I always have a deep faith that I will be safe and that things will turn out all right. And they do.
This beauty was left behind - for now. But I'll be back!

14 Aug 2012

The Feelings in a Smile

When I smile with all my being I feel...

Quite good
:-)  XYZ (-:

12 Aug 2012

Singing Inside & Hiking Outside

I take each step in mindfulness
Here and Now

Enjoy each step in mindfulness
Here and Now

So grateful to our Mother Earth
So happy just to be alive

I breathe, I walk, I smile
I breathe, I walk, I smile

Mindfulness was definitely needed here ;-)

10 Aug 2012

Summer Breeze in November

Imagine you could preserve the feeling of a warm summer day, and open the can in November...  Biking home this warm day in August, with the soft summer breeze on my skin, I tried to do the first part of that procedure.
I imagined that I stored this wonderful feeling in my cells, somewhere deep in their centre, like a reserve of sunshine and happiness!
On a very chilly grey day in November, on my way through the freezing rain, my whole being stiff of cold and resistance, I will remind myself of this summer day and check if the procedure works. Perhaps, if I really concentrate, I'll be able to open the can and enjoy a warm August breeze...
Imagine my joy!

Summer sun on my skin

6 Aug 2012

Travel, Not Just Move

Our world is in such a hurry. Everything shall happen in the blink of an eye, and preferably several things at the same time.
Traveling has become more of just moving from one place to another; we fly over many countries in only a few hours, not experiencing anything of the Journey itself - it's merely a transport route.
Of course it's amazing to be able to visit your beloved ones more than 1.500 km away over a week end - but it's not Traveling.
That is why I enjoy my 16 hour summer train trip so much: I pass through different countries and I can see, hear and feel the changes as I slowly approach my destination. I'm not just stressed by all the other people on the same route, but I meet other travelers with time for a chat and perhaps a cup of coffee together in the dining car.
With the Slow Food movement as a model, perhaps a Slow Travel movement should be founded ... ?

Take your time!

2 Aug 2012

Summer Morning Walks

Wonderful summer days, visiting family and friends. Precious moments, shared memories... but it is a lot of sitting and eating! That can make me a bit fidgety after a while. Luckily I've found a remedy: long, brisk morning walks.
Along the yacht beach in H., in the City Park in L. or, what I love the most, on the long sandy beach in M. Waves gently lapping on the shore, seagulls screaming, a fresh breeze and that incomparable light of the seaside... I walk and feel the energy of the universal breath flowing through me, in through the top of my head and out through my feet, into the soft white sand - or the other way round.
My lungs are cleaned, my vital energy is renewed, and I can better keep the restlessness at bay. I return to the house with a healthy breakfast appetite, happy to have restored my mind and moved my body.