17 Sep 2012


I know there's nothing exceptional in loving to do something you like together with somebody you love, but that's what I've been doing for a good week. Now that A was here we did so many nice things together, but the best of them all was preparing, organizing and enjoying our Gourmet Evening.
We invited a very dear friend for dinner, and decided to do The Full Monty: a 5 (almost 6) course menu. So we went through my favorite recipes, googled for more inspiration, crossed two borders for serious grocery shopping, and pondered the presentation, both of the dishes and the table.
The result was wonderful: a lovely evening in great company, a feast for the eyes and the palates :-)
Cooking is one of my (our!) passions in life and when combining it with Togetherness like this it's just... pure pleasure!

The new place mats set the tone

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  1. It was an exceptional experience..

    8 MIchelin Stars :P

    the lucky guest :)