6 Sep 2012

Spreading It Out

Today the Meditation Group at my workplace met for the first time. Six colleagues came, and nobody fell asleep ;-)
I definitely had "forced" myself to start up such a group, but for a good reason: meditation and mindfulness have had such a positive effect on the way I live my life, that for a long time I've felt the urge to spread the word, or better: the practice.  I'm convinced that most people can profit from bringing more mindfulness into their lives.
I had prepared myself well, and gotten quite some good suggestions and support from my friends (Buddhist or not), but still I was very nervous before this first session. Well, just a normal hurdle to overcome -  and it was worth it. I got positive feedback from all six participants afterwards!
For me, this was a big step, and it has also boosted my own daily practice. I am really happy now, just like the little Buddha under the tree :-)
Smile Meditation

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