14 Feb 2013

Inviting the Worries for Tea

I have been worrying a lot lately. Knowing it doesn't help didn't stop these obsessive thoughts from filling my tired mind. They just made things worse, draining me completely of energy. At this point, once again, the practice of stopping helped.
So I try to remember to STOP when the worries come creeping up, and instead of getting all caught up, I invite them in for tea :-) "Dear worries, my old friends, there you are again! Welcome!" I examine them, see them for what they are, and let them go. The worries are just little fears;  they should be calmed down, and dropped.
After letting them loose I return to real life. As always, the more often I catch myself, the more I strengthen that habit and the less I get caught up in worries.
And then I smile again, accepting the flow of life, and relaxing into what happens right here, right now.

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