2 Mar 2013

Dream Scenes

You know how often negative or stressful thoughts come up in a day... Someone says something "wrong", you suddenly get an extra task to do, you're kept waiting at the doctor's or your child comes home with bad grades. Anything and everything can trigger your tensing up, feeling negative.
Going back to your breath is one way out, but my dear sister C taught me another very efficient one: go back to the feeling of your Dream Scene. I have several favorite dream scenes, the latest one when C and I shared a wonderful dinner on the terrace of a lovely Italian restaurant on a mild summer evening in Santiago - and the warmth, closeness and love of that moment.
So after a long and tiresome flight back home, during which a hyper active child prevented me from sleeping, I just dropped that irritation  and went back to the sweet feeling at that wooden dinner table...
Little sister's fragrant giant pizza

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