26 Apr 2013

Take a Leap

"It's not what you do in your life that matters, it's how you do it". That has been my adage for several years, and a way to cope with unfulfilling tasks: I've put my pride in doing them as efficiently as possible, with high quality and with a smile.
But in the end that just isn't enough. At a certain point life almost got a stale taste and it became clear that I had to make a choice. Either I stay in the comfort zone, not asking too much neither from myself nor from life... Or I take a leap, and with that leap I don't just risk cold feet, but I also prove that I believe in in the possibility to discover and explore new treasures. Outside and inside.  Reinventing my life, in a certain way.
Time has come to leap. The adventure can start.


  1. Sometimes that's the only way to move on in life, to take a leap of faith and see where you end up. Let the adventure begin...

  2. Yes, and I will keep you posted ;-)