12 Apr 2013

Planting Seeds

The growth force of nature is just amazing. Put a small seed into some soil, water it now and then and just leave it for a while. Suddenly something starts to sprout, something very small and green pokes its head out. It strikes me with awe every time!
Despite the long and cold winter on my kitchen table there are already 20 quite big (it's all relative!) tomato seedlings, a handful of tiny pea plants and I'm sure coriander, runner beans and poppies will soon peep out too.
Of course I have setbacks, many seeds just don't germinate, but that's quickly forgotten when the little tomato plants start spreading their unmistakeable scent.
Few other things fill me with such deep pleasure. I just love "gardening" (even without having a garden)! It makes me feel so much part of Mother Nature - of life itself.

I love you, little baby tomato plants!

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