27 Jan 2012

Ode to Friendship

This evening there is a special light in my smile, and it is called Friendship. Thank you, B1, for your inspiration in this special Blog case!
The Friendship light is very strong and links me together with close persons in my life, just like family. I actually have many families! At least one in Sweden and several in Germany, one in Turkey, one in Chile and I am sure one will come in Colombia, too... ;o) You make me feel at home wherever I go, wherever I stay.
Friendship carries us when we need to be carried and comforts us in times of darkness. What would I have done in the heavy situations of my life without the support of YOU, my Friends?
So tonight the sparkle in my smile comes from the awareness of being among Friends here on earth. Both all of you that I already know, and the so many more of you that I don't know.... yet!

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