29 Jan 2012

Passion in Life

Yesterday's smile - I picked it up again, looking at it and what it means: the longing for passion in my life. And of course I'm not (mainly) referring to the "romantic passion" - no, I'm talking about passion for the things take make up your life.
I cannot claim that there is any passion for the job I do. There does not seem to be real Passion for my private activities either.... or, is there? At the first glance it all seems very "lagom", as we say in Swedish: just enough. Not boring, but not passionate either. Kind of... nice.
So I sat down and reflected over what I actually do with an heartfelt interest - and where I could or should invest more of that.
I really am passionate about cooking (and eating..!), music and about books that hit a chord in me. Conclusion: it's not all that bad....
However, I want to bring in more passion! For example in keeping my home bright and cosy and welcoming (and welcoming more people to it). And I want to invest more of both time and passion into writing. The "Lagom Era" is over!

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