27 Jul 2012

Night train to Lisbon

Wrong: that is a very nice book by Pascal Mercier. This night train heads up north, and leaves in only a few hours.
I'm  off for a ten day vacation, to enjoy family and friends, home country light and berries. The long train ride is the ideal starting point: plenty of time for relaxing, reading, eating my picnic, chatting with fellow travelers, and sleeping.  Just the thought of it puts me in a vacation mood!
Once arrived it will be an intense period of coming and going, eating here and sleeping there. I know that I will struggle with the lack of time for myself, but I also know the solution: being Here and Now.
Yes, it's a challenge, a seemingly eternal Work in Progress. Luckily, each time I go it's easier. And luckily, to start off I have sixteen hours on the night train to Copenhagen, all for myself.

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  1. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy all you can. Eat, drink and be merry as we never know what tomorrow can bring forth. I'll be back to read some more of your posts later.