30 Aug 2012

Autumn Rain

Today it's been raining cats and dogs, and outdoor temperature has fallen with 10°C. For the first time in months, I was freezing on my (wet) way home. On 30th August, that can only mean one thing: autumn is here. Sigh....
Don't get me wrong: I love this season, being an Autumn Child. Not much beats the rich, full colors of a clear autumn day. I've started loving rain (thanks to Dominique Loreau: "Aimer la pluie, aimer la vie" :-) ), and I love to cuddle up at home on dark evenings with a pot of tea and a good book.
The only thing is I really dislike freezing... Well, the light summer clothes have to make space for socks and full-length trousers, warm sweaters and shawls again.
I just have to realize summer is over for now, set my mind to autumn and winter, keep myself nice and warm - and remember that summer will be back next year!

Soon we're there...

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