19 Oct 2012

A True Role Model

With an opulent yellow hibiscus flower (still from my balcony!) I went to the old people's home to visit my friend Mr. Laubi. When I arrived at his room, there was another name on the door...
So Mr. Laubi has left us. For himself, I can only feel relief, his last weeks must have been very difficult. He suffered from an awful sickness called ALS, a progressing muscle atrophy.
Almost a year ago, when I got to know him, he was already in a wheelchair and needed help with eating and smoking his beloved after dinner cigar, and I have followed his deterioration.
Still, every time I visited him, he had a smile on his face, even the last time when he could only lie down and his speech was no longer understandable.
Yet, even with such a cruel illness, Mr. Laubi was always ready for a joke - and always grateful for the little things he still could do or enjoy. What an amazing man! A true role model.

Like the one for Mr. Laubi

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