27 Oct 2012

Responsible for My Time

A friend read an inspiring book about getting in command of your own time.  The author had deleted the expression "I don't have time" from his vocabulary. He's so right! When we say that we really mean "I don't feel like it" or "I have other preferences".  Of course you have time, you just have to take responsibility over how to use it.
This inspired me to make a list of the things I really want to spend my time on. There are categories like Keep in Touch, Enjoy Nature, My Body & My Soul, Kitchen Pleasures, Creativity, and Inspiration. A very helpful exercise: I immediately saw where I need to invest more of my precious time to be satisfied with life. So today I spent a fair amount of time with Kitchen Pleasures: baking bread, making a fantastic mushroom soup and roasting butternut pumpkin in the oven :-)
Another list to do is one of the Time Eaters, in order to see them clearly and diminish their effect. Thinks like: internet, shopping, zapping in front of the TV... Doing them is OK, but consciously, and for the amount of time I myrself decide.
I want to take full responsibility over my time. I don't want to throw time away, but instead make a conscious choice on how to use each moment of the precious time I have left.

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