3 May 2013

More Happiness in the World

In connection with the upcoming changes I am reviewing my whole life. The Where?, the What?, the How?, and the Why? Why am I here, and What is my task? What effect do I want to have on the world and on people?
Even if it sounds presumptuous, I want to spread Happiness.
But it does not feel enough to spread out my happiness, even if that already has an effect on others.
I  would love to be able to inspire others to find access to their own inner happiness. To discover the core within themselves that is - happiness. The centre to which you can always connect and feel warmth, care and love; first for yourself, and then for others.
Finding ways to inspire others to access their inner Happiness feels like a major task. I am really looking forward to soon be working on it with a lot more energy and time :-)

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