22 May 2013

A Pause

To whoever checks in on this little blog: goodbye for now! Too much is changing, I have to make a pause and concentrate on the essential.
It was a good challenge trying to find "food for thought" to post here, and I hope to come back in a couple of month's time...
So long, dear friends, and hope to see you then!
No, I'm not going to sleep in the grass... Not yet!


  1. I always check in here, so I hope to see you back very soon. Concentrate on your essentials like you said, and I'll pop round again later. All the best mate.

    1. hello RPD! Oh dear, I completely forgot...! I've actually started up my new blog (hmm hmm already a month ago) and you can find it under www.walkingthroughlife.net
      I'd be happy to "see" you there!
      All the best, Sabina

  2. I might change blog theme and open a new one, but then I'll let you know :-) All the best to you, too!