9 May 2013

Cung Cung Paah

This is a year of fulfilling dreams :-)
One old dream is being able to dance to latin American music. I've wanted to learn that ever since hanging out with some Mexicans during my student years. Much later I tried out a salsa course, but I'm a slow learner and let's say that my feeling for rhythm isn't innate...
But now I finally indulge myself in private lessons -who knows for how long I can still do that, so the time is NOW.
Horacio is teaching me, slowly and patiently, and I don't feel like a hopeless case anymore. As a good pedagogue he started with "the feeling" of this kind of dance, not with the basic steps. His way of teaching the steps is with the mantra "cung cung paah" - and that really sticks!
At home I take out my dancing shoes, put on some salsa music, feel the Cung Cung Paah and love it!

My Dancing Shoes

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