16 Jun 2012

Caring Gestures

Some days...! You're short of time, suddenly a heap of Very Urgent Tasks turn up, and it gets really stressful. Of course, on top of that, some private issue comes up too - and you've had it!
Then, as per miracle, somebody drops you a kind line, opens the door for you or brings you a goodie. Like the other day: my shoulders and pulse were uncomfortably high, when B gave me a warm hug and a delicious chocolate truffle. Suddenly the whole situation changed!
So now I will stock a little bag of chocolate truffles at work for Urgent Cases: for collagues rushing about with something hauntied in their eyes...
The little touch that means so much.


  1. awww :)
    btw watch out - I may sneak into that stock of chocolates :P

  2. Please send me a couple of bags of those chocolate truffles as well. Caring gestures can mean so much to someone who is having a bad time, so it's always important to remember the good things that others did to you, so you can do them to someone else. Nice post.