5 Jun 2012

The Smell of Linden Flowers

I walk along the street this early June morning, still a bit dizzy after a short night.  Suddenly  I smell something and stop abruptly. The smell comes from several lime trees in a row; it's that very special, fresh smell of the linden flowers.
Amazing how a smell can transport you to other times or places in a nanosecond! All of a sudden I am back in my early teens... I had a skin care which was supposed to be "all natural". The skin tonic was called Cucumber, and it actually had the smell of linden flowers. I loved it! For some reason I connect it with the family vacation in Switzerland that year, when I was 15 years old.
But my train does not wait, so I came back to 2012 and walked on, happily humming Fleetwood Mac's "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues" - another memory from that vacation.
And once again I felt that time is only in our heads.

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  1. I loved this post because I too have times when I may come across a particular smell and it reminds me of my past. And after a short while, you are bumped back into the real world.