10 Jun 2012

Dining Alone

Traveling alone is fine: I can do what I want, and at my own pace. My day can start at 7 PM if I feel like it, and there are no complaints about sore feet after hours of walking. The experiences can be shared later, back home.
There's just one point: the evening dinner. So often I've felt awkward, sitting there alone, believing that others pity me or think I'm strange. So often a good dinner could not be properly appreciated.
Well, the "miracle cure" applies here, too: relax! Savour the good food, a nice glass of wine, and your own company! If you want to comment on something, do it in your head ;-)
With this in mind I thoroughly enjoyed my raclette at the small hotel in the Jura mountains. And I really did not feel strange at all.

Best raclette in a long time!


  1. Oh, how I long for that recipe. I just love raclette. That dinner looks real nice and was not meant to be shared.

  2. Well, for raclette there is no real recipe. You just melt the cheese! In this case half a cheese over open fire... often it's only done slice-wise in an electric device: NO comparison at all! And thanks for your comments, always nice to get reactions :-)