3 Jun 2012

Hold On To My Dream

Very long ago I had a favorite green sweatshirt, with a picture on the front: a wooden house, like a Swiss châlet. The sweatshirt got worn out and had to be thrown away after very frequent use, but the image of the mountain house remained: we still refer to it as my "dream house".
Since then I have step by step approached it geographically, and even though ever living in such a house sometimes seems like an impossible dream, it remains in the back of my mind...
This week end was spent in a similar lodge, high up in the Alps. I remembered my dream as I deeply enjoyed the silence, the fresh air and most of all, the closeness to nature.
This is where I gather force. This is where I become fully alive.

View from châlet Le Bivouac, 1.475 m

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  1. I remember that jumper! I loved it too, and I still love pointing out 'dream houses' with you when we are out hiking :)