2 Aug 2012

Summer Morning Walks

Wonderful summer days, visiting family and friends. Precious moments, shared memories... but it is a lot of sitting and eating! That can make me a bit fidgety after a while. Luckily I've found a remedy: long, brisk morning walks.
Along the yacht beach in H., in the City Park in L. or, what I love the most, on the long sandy beach in M. Waves gently lapping on the shore, seagulls screaming, a fresh breeze and that incomparable light of the seaside... I walk and feel the energy of the universal breath flowing through me, in through the top of my head and out through my feet, into the soft white sand - or the other way round.
My lungs are cleaned, my vital energy is renewed, and I can better keep the restlessness at bay. I return to the house with a healthy breakfast appetite, happy to have restored my mind and moved my body.

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