31 May 2012

Consume Less, Live More

Yesterday, my consuming behaviours were put to the test: a beautiful shop with a huge range of teas (black, green, rooibos, herbal, you name it), spices, herbs, and many other tempting things.
I noticed that I'm still in the "if there's anything I want and I can afford it, I buy it" behaviour. A number of little bags, boxes and pots were in my hand, heading towards the basket...
... but my attempts to curb consumption start to show results! I am proud that I succeeded in NOT adding that lovely mix of Indian spices, the nice little purple sage plant or the Milk & Honey soap to the few items that actually were on my shopping list. It feels so good to walk the talk!
If I can make a lasting change in my attitude towards consuming, and diminsih the contents of my cupboards, closets and warderobes, then I have reached on of my important goals: Less Consumption Leaves Time & Space for More Life.

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