19 Aug 2012

Hiking Queen turned to Hiking Joker

Of all the hundreds of more or less great hikes I've done since I moved here, finally one went really wrong...
Unclear information in Internet and bad signing got me to walk, climb and creep (yes!) up a mountain on my way to a nice châlet, where I'd booked a room, only to discover that this first part of the hike was wrong and that I would never make it to "my" room before it turned night and dark. I had to face facts and cancel it.
What do you do, up on a mountain, exhausted after a really strenuous hike, with no place to sleep to be found? It was so beautiful up there that I considered spending the night outside, but since it started getting chilly already at 8 and I only had a light woolen sweater that was not an option.
I just had to hike to my starting point way down in the valley again. Even that distance was too long to make before nightfall, so I hitch-hiked and was lucky to have nice people taking me along.
From there I took the train northwards, an almost 4 hour long trip, bringing me home in the middle of the night. And I had so much looked forward to spending a night at 1.600 m, sleeping in deep silence, waking up in the mountain freshness...
Well, the positive thing about this hiking failure was that I could laugh about it already when it happened. What else can you do? I always have a deep faith that I will be safe and that things will turn out all right. And they do.
This beauty was left behind - for now. But I'll be back!

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