27 Aug 2012

The Glory of a Morning Glory

Earlier this summer I got two little black seeds from my neighbor. I planted them in the big pot with the residues of my big wisteria (which died last winter) and shortly after two little climbers emerged. Well, they grew like crazy and soon enough the wisteria trellis was full of big, fresh green fig tree like leaves. It looked wonderful - but where were the flowers...?
My neighbor told me to be patient, and I can only say: my patience was greatly rewarded. Now the trellis is overflowing with flowers! As the name indicates, the Morning Glory flowers early in the morning and it is a feast for the eye: an abundance of beautiful blue flowers, all turned towards the rising sun. Mine are blue, but they also come in purple and pink.
I want to recommend anybody who has a pot, some soil and something for it to climb on to plant Morning Glory seeds next spring. They need no special care - just sun and water - and every morning they will remind you of the miracles of Life and Growth with a sea of flowers :-)

Good morning Sun, good morning Life!


  1. There is nothing like beautiful flowers to greet you in the mornings. I must remember the name as some of my friends have gardens and I think they would love this.

  2. It's ipomoea tricolor in Latin, he he. By the way, RPD, I always wonder why you have such an angry looking dog as an alias... you seem such a nice person :-)