6 Aug 2012

Travel, Not Just Move

Our world is in such a hurry. Everything shall happen in the blink of an eye, and preferably several things at the same time.
Traveling has become more of just moving from one place to another; we fly over many countries in only a few hours, not experiencing anything of the Journey itself - it's merely a transport route.
Of course it's amazing to be able to visit your beloved ones more than 1.500 km away over a week end - but it's not Traveling.
That is why I enjoy my 16 hour summer train trip so much: I pass through different countries and I can see, hear and feel the changes as I slowly approach my destination. I'm not just stressed by all the other people on the same route, but I meet other travelers with time for a chat and perhaps a cup of coffee together in the dining car.
With the Slow Food movement as a model, perhaps a Slow Travel movement should be founded ... ?

Take your time!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, life is always in a hurry but if you just stopped and took a breath you will begin to see all the beauty and culture this world has to offer.