25 Mar 2012

Big City Crowds

Going down into the London Underground at Piccadilly Circus at 6 o'clock a Saturday evening is quite a "crowded" experience. You are being pushed and shoved, and you're lucky if nobody steps on your feet or if you don't lose anything. And actually it isn't much better overground.
As I spend a wonderful, long week end in London it strikes me that big cities are a crazy product of our society. Of course I understand the economical reasons why they have developed, but we really should organise them differently. First of all there should be much more green in a city! Big parks are not enough - there are areas where the only green you see are the labels of Sprite bottles...
No wonder the people I cross at the street or see in the huge supermarket don't really look happy. The only smiling faces I have seen belonged little children and lovers. I am trying to spread my little smile, but what effect does that have among 7,5 million people (plus countless tourists from all over the world)?  But no, I don't give up! :o)

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