21 Mar 2012

This Food...

Most of us, living in secularized Christian societies, do not say grace before meals. We might even find it a bit awkward when somebody suddenly does it.
I still find it worthwhile to stand still for a second before raising the cutlery or bringing the sandwich to my mouth. To think with gratefulness about Mother Earth, and all the people (and animals) that have brought the food to my plate. To recognize any other person at the table with a little smile. It's such a pleasure to share a meal with nice company!
Try it out: just say a simple Thank You in your head, or use this version of a Buddhist contemplating before eating:

This Food is the gift of the whole universe,
the earth, they sky, and much hard work.
I thank all the living being that have made this food:
the insects, the animals, and the people.

I only put on my plate as much as I should eat
and I will chew it slowly, in order to really taste it.
I eat this food to be healthy and happy,
and to live with my fellow men in love and understanding.

Thank you, Universe, for a nice lunch with a  very dear Friend!

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