22 May 2012

Die Vorfreude

Everybody who has worked with translations, knows that there very often are subtle differences in the meaning of words that are supposed to mean the same. An example is the German "Vorfreude", anticipation in English. The German version has a much stronger touch of joy (since "Freude" is joy) and I just love the word - and what it stands for.
The Germans even go as far as to say "Vorfreude ist die beste Freude" - Anticipation is the greatest joy. I might not agree on that, but I really like to look forward to nice events :o)
Today I feel "Vorfreude" when I think of the two dear visitors, arriving tomorrow. I imagine hugging them when they the come through the gates at the airport and how much fun we're going to have together.
So the "Vorfreude" almost doubles my joy!

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