18 May 2012

Eating Nature

I have a book that describes 200 edible plants that you can find in parks, on meadows, in roadsides or forests - just around the corner where you live. Yesterday we took a walk by the river with our noses in this book. To our great surprise, we found some 10 different plants of which either the leaves or the flowers (or both!) could be used in salads.
So for a starter at dinner we had a lovely, colorful salad right from Mother Nature. What a feeling to put pink clover flowers, and mugwort leaves, with just some good olive oil and drops of balsamico added on the fork. Like having a mouthful of nature!

Nature on the Plate

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  1. Wow...so cool. It is very 'HIP' with eatable flowers at the moment. All the michelin restaurants and cool bars are using them :)