16 May 2012

Spring Set-back

Spring has taken a step back, and it's cold again. Really cold, woolen sweater cold. It's always such a disappointment: we've waited for the warm season for a long winter and then these set-backs!
I have to take in my hibiscuses from the balcony again, and even more important: I have to take out my warm sweaters again. Luckily I have realized that that's a better option than insisting in light, cool dresses now. Freezing just bogs me down me and I don't want to catch a cold - that just makes things worse.
So with a sigh I put on the cashmere cardigan, the gloves and a warm shawl - and enjoy going out again.
Spring will return, sooner or later.

Hibiscus No. 1, back on the balcony

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