8 May 2012

Less is More

Sometimes I feel that ecology is a kind of fake problem. Here I quote Dominique Loreau, blessed French "minimalist" and writer:  "If we would consume less, the problems of recycling, waste, non organic products and saving energy would not even exist."
That is exactly how I see it: it is not about getting an environmental friendly car, and then still drive as much as you always did, or buy tons of organic groceries and then throw away big parts of it, because your eyes were bigger than your stomach. How many different food products do you need in your pantry and refrigerator? And what about clothing items? Books? DVDs and CDs?  Or technical gadgets?
We will soon drown in our own waste, while people in other parts of the world don't even have food for the day, so it's not only about ecology... And, in the end, all our possessions weigh us down and stress us - and make us scared to loose them.
I have made a resolution: I will cut my consumption (which is not really big) by 1/3 as of this month, and see if I can cut it even more, to show myself that I am really serious about this. Less is definitely more.

All things that a man owns hold him far more than he holds them.  Sigrid Undset


  1. You are so wise mom. I love reading your blog. It gives me a different perspective on life :)