29 Feb 2012

The Miracle of Bread

The first time I baked bread was at school back in Sweden, "grahamsbullar" (wholemeal rolls). Baking was love at first sight, because it is almost as if the dough has a life of its own. You work it, and see it change and get the right texture. You let it rise - what a wonder of nature! You put the bread in the oven, see it rise even more and get that wonderful light brown bread color. And then, there's the smell ... absolutely irresistible!
Meanwhile I have specialized in sour dough bread, and that is even more amazing. The starter, made only of rye flour and water,  lives in your fridge, almost as a pet! When used, it has the force to rise big loaves of bread. It really is a miracle of creation.


  1. Yummy :) Ellerine sağlık :)

  2. The Minute I set my eyes on your posts glitter explodes throughout the atmosphere angels and fairies dance across the room the world shines rainbow colors I love your blog keep posting baby X mercury moonshine dutchess