15 Feb 2012

Day of Love & Care

On Valentine's Day we are spreading love all around. I send little messages full of appreciation to family and friends, I share some extra smiles with strangers passing my way. And, of course, I am giving myself some special attention: a small Japanese tea cup with soft pink camellias  on the dinner table, a refined saffron soup, candles everywhere and after the shower a long, soft massage for my feet.
Of course I do these things more often than once a year, but really: shouldn't more days be days of extra love and care?
Why not proclaim the 14th of every month a Day of Love & Care? Or every Monday, a day that often has the heavy taste of unloved duties? Yes, I hereby appoint Mondays as special days!
The motto is: "Monday, caring Monday"


  1. I think that is a great idea!


  2. Shall we do it together (even though we're apart)? Perhaps somebody else wants to join in too...? :o)