1 Feb 2012

Just Do It

The Big Trip brought some issues up to the light again. Other possibilities became clear, and I was pushed to review what I am doing with and in my life. One thing became obvious: the lack of creative expression. Looking deeply into WHAT and HOW had me starting up this blog, but another craving still needs to be satisfied: the wish to form shapes, to play with colours and light. Photography is not enough, I want to interact more with my fantasy. Drawing or painting has been calling me for a long time, and I can't turn a deaf ear to it anymore.
It's not a new "calling". Having been a devoted drawer as a child, I completely dropped it when growing up, but since many years I have amassed quite a collection of pens, pencils, paper, brushes, and for Christmas '11 I got a beautiful set of water colours from my Darlings. I just never really got started. Something was holding me back.
The fact is I'm scared. It's as simple as that. I'm still stuck in comparing myself with others and in the wish for Perfection, being completely result focused and completely ignoring the joy of the process. Forgetting how freeing it is to play, to experiment, and just let yourself be amazed at what comes out via your hand(s)!
Today I made an Important Resolution: "Skip the stupid excuses, let go of the holding back, and just get started! Who cares what comes out of it, the material is wasted anyway if it's just lying around! If you don't try, make errors, and learn, you'll never create anything. Just get going. Just DO it!"

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