8 Feb 2012

Never Lonely

Living alone in a foreign city, far away from family and old friends, might sound sad. Many hours, many days spent in my own company. Well, I may be alone quite often, but I'm never lonely: over the years I've really come to appreciate my own company.
Sctually, I have become my own best friend. On grey days, when sadness lurks around the corner, I can lift myself up, raise my spirits with a kind word, gently embracing myself or preparing an extra nice cup of tea for the frozen soul.
And when there's joy, I am the first to fully share it with me!


  1. Awww what a nice post. Sometimes when I'm missing you the most, just knowing that you are not lonely is the best feeling. Love you and miss you!


  2. Love you and miss you VERY MUCH, too, but even when apart, you're always in there...