28 Apr 2012

Balcony Bliss

Spring is here for real! It has been a long winter and, as so often, we got a small taste of spring some months ago before it turned cold and rainy again. It is so hard to go back to winter...
But now the sun is out, it's over 20°C, and my balcony has come back to life! What a wonderful feeling to clean away dead plants, dry leaves, and other winter traces and finally move out all plants again.  Geraniums, hibiscuses and other non-winter plants have hibernated in my spare room, looking quite sad the last months. I could really feel how the came alive again, moving out in the fresh air.
Today I have spent hours outside enjoying the warm breeze, listening to the birds, children playing in the small park below, and the church bells.
A garden would have been great, but my balcony really is my Green Haven and seeing the plants grow and flower is one of my Big Sources of Happiness. Welcome back, miss Spring!

Imagine me, sitting there

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