18 Apr 2012

When I Tighten Up

I know it is important to acknowledge my negative feelings, and to face them. That is not an easy task, so too often I just close my eyes on them.
However, I have learnt a very good way to work with them, and I'd like to share that.
It all starts with the Tightening up. I know there's a negative feeling when I feel my stomach getting like a knot, all tightened up. What now...?
Right there, I have to become aware of what's happening. Acknowledge the feeling, and that I'm stuck.
Then I need to Pause. I don't want to get all worked up (and start a negative chain reaction); instead I stop and take three conscious breaths. Now I lean in to the energy and get to know it. Physically. I don't act it out or speak, but just find out where in my body the energy is concentrated and how it feels.
Step three is to relax, and move on. That's all.
Of course I have to examine why I get stuck in the first place, and work on that, but it is better to do that with a clear mind.

Read more in a great little book by Pema Chödrön: "Taking the Leap"

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