9 Apr 2012

Soft Spring Rain

In the middle of the beech forest it starts raining. A fine drizzle - I have to stop to hear it. The spring rain makes tiny "drip drop" sounds on  the dead leaves on the ground and on the hood of my jacket. Here it's only the trees, the rain, and me.
With my hiking boots firmly on the ground, I feel like a tree. They are all getting their first, delicate, lime green leaves, almost the same colour as my jacket. Their freshness fills my head. I close my eyes and am one with the forest, the sounds, the smells and the feeling.
Being close with nature and slowing down to its rhythm always restores my energy.

The very first beech leaves

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  1. Jag ÄLSKAR din blog. Jag ler alltid igenom allt du skriver :) Puss