16 Apr 2012

Top Eight for Ghastly Weather

After days of rain and chilly winds - in April, when I fool myself to believe it's spring - I feel cold deep in my bones.
I've finally understood there is no meaning in reproaching or fighting against the weather; the rain does not care about my grumbling. So I accept the situation and try to do the best of it.
Here's my Top Eight list for Ghastly Weather:

  • Dress warmly (elementary, but often disregarded)
  • Light lots of candles
  • Make a pot of your favorite tea
  • Hug somebody (if nobody's around, a stuffed animal or a pillow will do)
  • Have a nice, filling soup for dinner
  • Cuddle up with a good book
  • Call someone near & dear and tell them how much you care for them
  • Put on your warmest socks (feet cold = all cold)

PS: 8 is my lucky number

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