13 Apr 2012

Children in Need

Millions of children suffer all over the world. Not only because of famine, wars, or other social unrest. Huge amounts of children suffer in their own homes, being mistreated, beaten, and abused by their parents or people close to them. These children need love and care, more than anything.
Living in a rich and healthy country and in a good neighborhood I do not see any of this misery, but I know that it exists.  So what can I do about it?
Every morning I take a moment trying to connect to these children. I focus on all the love I have inside and send it out to them,  hoping it may strengthen them. I try to convey the feeling that they are not guilty of anything, that they also have the right to be happy and live in the sunshine. And that they must find some adult they can trust in (you see it in people's eyes...) to tell their story to, and get help.
I want to do more. Sponsoring a single child, and NGO's supporting children? Good, but not enough. I am still searching, and I will find a way.
Children are our future. Often they will treat their own children the way they were treated themselves. These vicious circles of aggression and abuse must find an end.

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