2 Apr 2012

Work With the Getting Worked Up

I don't often get really worked up about annoying things that happen in daily life. Often, I can even take it with a smile (yes, it has taken me decades to get there!).
But when somebody close to me gets all worked up about something, I still find it hard not to follow him or her in that negative spiral and frantically try to solve the issue.
Now, I am working with my being reactive, and I can see it when it's happening. I have learned to slow down in that very tense atmosphere, breathe deeply and relax.
I know I am not doing this only for my own peace of mind, but for the whole situation and everybody involved. Working with, and letting go of my own reactivity, I have something to offer others.
It makes me really  happy when I succeed in just shutting up and breathing. Breathing out calm and ease, letting go of tensions and wait. The issue will be solved.

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