3 Apr 2012

Lost and Found

Oh dear, all the times I lose things... Countless! I search and search; sometimes I find them in odd places (the camera in the laundry basket), and sometimes right in front of my nose.
Yesterday I lost very expensive train tickets and I looked all over the place (I thought) - no tickets. They were not at my workplace, and it turned out I had not forgotten them at the ticket booth either. *Sigh!*
Before I went home to search again I learned a very nice Turkish saying: the gods make us lose our things on purpose, so that we can be happy when we find them again!  In fact, in most cases we do find our "lost" items after a while.
I found my tickets, too, after having looked almost everywhere, and already having given up on them. I went to pick up a hiking map, and there they were... really an odd place to be. Well, it made me very happy to have them back again!
So next time you lose something, don't despair. It's probably just the playful gods wanting to make you happy :-)

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