24 Apr 2012

Sleep Restores

The importance of sleeping is often underestimated. The younger you are, the less important it seems. There's so much to do in life! Why waste valuable time on "just sleeping"?
Of course we know it's no waste. We need to restore our vital energy, we need time to shut off from the outside world.
When after several days of very little sleep I finally snooze off like a baby it makes such a huge difference the day after! Not only do I feel stronger, but also happier.
The challenge is to find the perfect amount of sleep you need. Some need 7 hours, others 9. I think Einstein's 5 hours are a myth. During a certain period I tried to sleep only 5-6 hours per night, but it did not work in the long run. You need to catch up.
So go to bed when you're tired. No reason to stay up because others do or because it's only 10 PM. Sleep is good - and isn't it wonderful do doze of in a warm bed after a long day's work...? I love it!

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